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Worker's compensation, originally introduced in America in 1911, and carried in some form in every State by 1948, was developed as a "pact" between employers and employees to cover medical care and provide wage replacement for injured workers. As our society has grown, so have the number of individuals and the various methods used to take advantage of this viable and important program which many worker's who are legitimately injured and unable to work depend upon.

In Ohio claims are initially presented to the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC). Disputed claims are resolved before a separate agency, The Ohio Industrial Commission. Some Industrial Commission decisions may be further appealed within the courts.

At Billmaier & Cuneo, LLC we have experience representing both employers and workers. We have represented employers ranging in size from a few employees to nearly a thousand employees, working directly with the employer and their claims administrators. On behalf of our clients, we have appeared throughout Ohio at all levels of the process.

We believe it is important for both workers and employers to seek representation early in the process. Determinations made at the early stages of the workers’ compensation process can have a significant impact on haw a claim may or may not proceed over the long term. If not timely appealed, these decisions can become binding. An early denial against an employee may prevent compensation for complications and related injuries that occur in the future. Conversely, an employer who fails to dispute a suspicious but “minor” injury may open the door the allowance of related conditions and further aggravations down the line.

Our law firm is well established, well versed in worker's compensation laws, and possess the experience needed to professionally represent you.

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