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A Pre-marital agreement or prenuptial agreement addresses certain marital and family law issues prior to a marriage. The most common purpose of this agreement is to maintain premarital property as non-marital property.

Prenuptial agreements: A prenuptial agreement, also known as an Antenuptial Agreement, is a document that is utilized by one or both of the individual's entering into a marriage to protect their individual property and assets in the event that the prospective marriage ends in divorce or dissolution.

A prenuptial agreement lists all of your individual assets and property which will not be considered marital property. Since they are not considered marital property, they generally cannot be divided by the equitable distribution laws that govern the distribution of property upon a termination of a marriage.

It is recommended that both parties retain lawyers to represent their individual interests before drafting a pre-marital agreement. It is also recommended that a balance sheet of assets and liabilities of both parties be attached to any agreement for disclosure purposes.

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