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Spousal Support (also referred to as Alimony), is the payment of money to a former spouse for the support and maintenance of that former spouse. It can be paid by lump sum. More commonly, it is paid on a monthly basis by wage deduction, for a period of time as directed by the court order.

The factors which the court will consider before granting spousal support (alimony) are statutory. Such factors may include, among others, the length of the marriage, the age of the recipient, the health of the parties, the amount of each party’s income, the amount of each party’s education, the recipient’s employability, and the liabilities and needs of each of the parties as to which they have become accustomed.

Essentially there are a number of types of spousal support (alimony):

  • Temporary spousal support: support that is ordered during the pendency of the divorce process;

  • Lump sum spousal support: is a one time payment of a set amount as ordered by the court or agreed to by the parties;

  • Periodic payment of spousal support: generally a monthly support that is often deducted from payroll of the obligor. This is paid in an amount and duration established in the final court order.

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