Health Care Law Attorney (lawyer)

Health Care Law Attorney (lawyer) serving the greater Toledo, Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan areas, including Perrysburg, Toledo, Sylvania, Maumee, Bowling Green, Rossford, Oregon, Waterville, Holland, Ohio - Temperance, Lambertville, Monroe Michigan and surrounding areas.

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Health care law is governed by federal and state laws that encompass public health, mental health, contracts, and private health insurance matters. The provision of health care in America is subject to many evolving legal constraints and issues, with which our firm is well versed.

Our firm provides counseling and representation in various areas of health care law, in addition to issues relating to licensure and credentialing, contractual matters involving physicians or medical care facilities, and peer review matters.

For health care professionals and entities, there is a major concern regarding the constantly changing regulations and liability standards. In the forefront of political discussion, health care professionals and organizations must keep up with their rapidly changing industry. Our firm is well equipped to assist in understanding and implementing the directives of the new laws as they are passed.

Our health care law team extends services to individuals, healthcare entities and insurance carriers for the following type of legal issues, as well as their insurance carriers:

  • Contracts and contract disputes;

  • Patient privacy and HIPAA;

  • Licensure and credentialing;

  • Peer review;

  • Medical malpractice defense;

  • Administrative law.

Regarding medical malpractice insurance claim disputes, many medical malpractice insurance companies and self-insured entities have turned to Billmaier & Cuneo, LLC to professionally represent and defend claims on behalf of their policy holders.

If you require professional health care representation or medical malpractice defense in the Perrysburg, Toledo, Lambertville or the Northwest Ohio and Southwest Michigan areas, or your insurance carrier nationwide, contact an experienced attorney at Billmaier & Cuneo, LLC today by calling 419.931.0067 in Northwest Ohio or 734.568.0136 in Southeast Michigan.

As a progressive law firm dealing with today's legal issues, we provide you the voice of experience, and quality legal representation for health care representation and nationwide medical malpractice defense.

Contact and experienced attorney the law offices of Billmaier & Cuneo, LLC, today by calling 419.931.0067 (Ohio) or 734.568.0136 (Michigan).

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