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A conservatorship is defined as the appointment of an individual as a conservator to make decisions on behalf of another, called a conservatee, who is competent but physically unable to perform or handle specific life functions or responsibilities.

The conservatee must consent to both the appointment, and the individual designated to be the conservator, as well as determine the extent and limitations of the authority that the conservator will have.

Because the appointed conservator is legally bound through the conservatorship to act only in the best interest of the conservatee, the Probate Court oversees the conservator's actions to assure that the conservatee's best interests are being served and maintained.

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If may be necessary to petition the court to appoint a conservator when:

An individual has physical or mental problems that prevent them from managing their own financial affairs:

  • An individual does not already have a person legally authorized to assume responsibility for them;

  • When other kinds of assistance with financial management will not adequately protect them.

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