Nursing Home Negligence Defense Attorney (lawyer)

Nursing Home Negligence Defense Attorney (lawyer) serving the greater Toledo, Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan areas, including Perrysburg, Toledo, Sylvania, Maumee, Bowling Green, Oregon, Waterville, Holland, Ottawa Hills, Woodville, Fremont, Clyde, Northwood, Findlay, Ohio - Temperance, Lambertville, Adrian, Monroe, Michigan and surrounding areas.

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Dealing with issues involving extended care facilities requires a knowledge base of the day-to-day workings of nursing homes. Our physician attorney has direct experience dealing with patient care in nursing homes, and Attorney Amber Billmaier has worked as a nurse in this environment. Attorney Billmaier is familiar with the problems faced in delivering health care under the unique difficulties of these health care facilities. We offer representation in negligence claims in addition to regulatory and compliance issues.

Our law firm's extensive medical and legal background in nursing home cases has proven very beneficial in providing an effective defense to nursing home negligence claims.

Over the years, we have aggressively defended nursing homes, long term care facilities, and hundreds of nursing home professionals throughout the country.

Our firm is well versed in nursing home and long-term care law, and possesses the experience needed to professionally represent you in the defense of even the most difficult claims involving nursing homes or extended care facilities.

Our firm represents nursing homes and other health care facilities in defending claims of negligence including:

  • Injuries from falls;

  • Accusations of physical elder abuse;

  • Accusations of Malnutrition or dehydration;

  • Illness or death allegedly caused by untreated bed sores or infections;

  • Accusations of medication errors or mistakes;

  • Accusations of staff related actions contributed or caused and untimely death;

  • Accusations of neglecting to properly monitor nursing home or long term facility residents;

  • Accusations of mental abuse by the staff;

  • Accusations of failing to provide due care;

  • And the defense of all other forms of nursing home abuse or neglect, as well as nationwide insurance dispute defense.

Throughout the years, many nursing home and long-term care insurance companies have turned to Billmaier & Cuneo, LLC to professionally represent and defend insurance claim disputes on behalf of their policy holders. We have successfully represented insurance carriers in insurance dispute defense cases throughout the country, and are ready to defend your company or insurance carrier against false claims, dramatically exaggerated settle demands, or other necessary legal issues.

If you require aggressive nursing home and long-term care negligence defense services in the Perrysburg, Toledo, Lambertville or the Northwest Ohio and Southwest Michigan areas, or your insurance carrier nationwide, contact an experienced attorney (lawyer) at Billmaier & Cuneo, LLC today by calling 419.931.0067 in Northwest Ohio or 734.568.0136 in Southeast Michigan.

As a progressive law firm dealing with today's legal issues, we provide you the voice of experience, and quality legal representation for nursing home and long-term care negligence defense, or nationwide insurance dispute defense.

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