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Construction Litigation Attorney (lawyer) serving the greater Toledo area, Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan areas, including Perrysburg, Toledo, Sylvania, Maumee, Bowling Green, Rossford, Oregon, Whitehouse, Waterville, Holland and Ottawa Hills Ohio - Temperance, Lambertville, Monroe Michigan and surrounding areas. Serving the counties of Fulton, Lucas, Henry, Wood, Ottawa, Sandusky, and Hancock in Ohio and Lenawee and Monroe in Michigan.

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In the construction industry, many obstacles including weather, financing, scheduling of subcontractors, availability of materials, change orders, environmental conditions, labor disputes, inspections and zoning regulations may stand in the way of progress causing delays or additional expense. Sometimes, contractors fail to preform to expectations, sometimes customers have unreasonable expectations. When these issues escalate into a legal dispute, and you require professional legal representation, Billmaier & Cuneo, LLC, is ready to protect your legal rights and interests.

Our firm has extensive experience representing property owners, property managers, developers, contractors and subcontractors. We’ve represented all sides concerning underground claims, damages resulting from personal injury, property damage, project delay, and other types of economic loss related to construction work. We have experience in virtually all types of construction including commercial, residential and public works; new construction, remodeling, and insurance restoration. We deal with all phases of the grievance process including arbitration and trial litigation.

We also work with both property owners and contractors before projects begin to anticipate and mitigate potential problems, make sure our clients are protected throughout the process and ensure proper procedures are followed in the areas of financing, zoning, lien law and other compliance issues.

Our law firm is well established, well versed in construction litigation, and possess the experience needed to professionally represent you in any form of construction litigation or other type of litigation dispute which may cause harm to you, or your company.

The construction litigation legal services which we provide include, but are not limited to:

  • Underground claims;

  • Personal injury and insurance dispute defense;

  • Property damage issues;

  • Project delay issues;

  • Breach of contract disputes;

  • Warranty issues;

  • Construction contract disputes;

  • Construction defect claims;

  • Fidelity bonds issues;

  • Lien foreclosures issues;

  • Mechanics lien law;

  • Payment claims;

  • Sureties;

  • Zoning;

  • Labor and living wage compliance issues;

  • Subcontractor disputes;

  • and other construction litigation issues.

Throughout the years, many insurance companies have turned to Billmaier & Cuneo, LLC to professionally represent and defend their policy holders construction litigation disputes. We have successfully represented many insurance carriers in construction litigation defense cases throughout the country, and are ready to defend your company or insurance carrier against false claims, dramatically exaggerated settlement demands, or other necessary legal issues.

If you require aggressive construction litigation legal serves in the Perrysburg, Toledo, Lambertville or the Northwest Ohio and Southwest Michigan areas, or your insurance carrier nationwide, contact an experienced attorney (lawyer) at Billmaier & Cuneo, LLC today by calling 419.931.0067 in Northwest Ohio or 734.568.0136 in Southeast Michigan.

As a progressive law firm dealing with today's legal issues, we provide you the voice of experience, and quality legal representation in your construction litigation or nationwide insurance dispute defense.

Contact and experienced attorney the law offices of Billmaier & Cuneo, LLC, today by calling 419.931.0067 (Ohio) or 734.568.0136 (Michigan).

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